Discover the authoritative manual for training site acquisition, zoning agents, and local government relations specialists to secure real estate entitlements for wireless facilities development

Firmly Anchored in Midair, The Handbook of Wireless Site Acquisition and Permitting
Authored by John Rowe, Published by Telecom Birddogs, LLC

Part One is the first half of the story about how to select wireless infrastructure facility locations.
Part Two will take the selected site and prepare it for implementation. Capital budgeting precedes
Part One activities. Construction takes over after Part Two. The Section I dialogue starts with an
explanation of the importance of infrastructure for the commercial mobile services or wireless
industry and gravitates to a discussion of the environment in which the site acquisition role exists.
Twelve qualifications and fifteen essential functions are provided for the role of site acquisition.
Detailed milestones are presented that cast light on the typical tasks and outcomes derived from
site acquisition projects. Some background concerning how wireless systems are designed and the
types of components that make up wireless infrastructure help portray the texture of wireless
facilities. Finally, the search area design translates to an assignment for site acquisition activities
to commence. In all, there are thirty-one chapters within seven sections.

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John Rowe Wireless Infrastructure Development SME
John M. Rowe, author/publisher of "Firmly Anchored in Midair: The Handbook of Wireless Site Acquisition and Permitting" and owner of Communications Real Estate, Inc. and Telecom Birddogs, LLC, is a licensed real estate broker in Colorado and has served as a subject matter expert for the telecommunications facility development business for over 30 years. Rowe has been involved with locating, acquiring, and securing permits to build and operate communications sites on new towers and existing structures throughout the United States since 1980, as well a recruiting, hiring, training, and managing groups of others to do the same. John received his Bachelor of Science degree from Iowa State University in Industrial Management and his Master of Science degree in Telecommunications from the University of Colorado. Rowe served as the Colorado Wireless Association as Regulatory Chairman (2017 & 2018). Mr. Rowe resides in Centennial, Colorado with his wife Debbie where he divides his time between expanding company training offerings, attending bible studies, and his wife.

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