The Telecom Birddogs(sm)
Firmly Anchored in Midair(sm)

These are the directions toward Understanding and
Competence in the Process of Developing Wireless
Infrastructure, that is to take a wireless facility
development project from receipt of a Site
Acquisition Assignment a/k/a the Search Ring
Assignment through Site Search and Site Selection
to completion of quality real estate entitlements
in the form of Space Rights and Local Permit Rights
making the project ready for Construction,
Installation, and/or Implementation.

The Roadmap demonstrates there are fifteen (15) essential functions or Stages,
that we also call Site Development Processes, between receipt of a search ring
and the successful completion/documentation of real estate entitlements
necessary for the implementation of the proposed wireless facility. These
processes are part of seven levels of job competence however the first level
is merely preparation and orientation and doesn’t actually include a process.

The first level focuses on how and why site ring assignments are created, the
project milestones to come in the fifteen processes, information about the
equipment that is located at wireless facilities, the job of site acquisition, and
how the structure of the wireless industry lends itself to the ongoing need for
site acquisition services for new facilities and modification of existing facilities.

This website’s training curriculum flows out from the roadmap. That is, each
Stage or Process contains one, two three, or six modules (except the last three
processes in the seventh and final level of the training). The last three processes
are, more or less, modules unto themselves.

In the “Preparation for Wireless Site Acquisition” section that immediately
follows this, only Module 1 is available without purchasing the entire training
curriculum on this website. That is because Module 1 explains how and why
you may want to associate yourself with the high-growth wireless infrastructure
deployment industry and learn about the business of wireless site development.
The remainder of the “Preparation” stage is all prelude to Stage 1- Site Search
Due Diligence and the remainder of the entire comprehensive curriculum.
Click to go directly to Module 1, Wireless Industry Structure.

As you progress through the Roadmap, each Step of a given Stage provides one
or more links to the Training Module(s) associated with that Process of Site
Development. The completion of each Process/Stage, Step, and Module is highly
suggested before starting the next subsequent Process/Stage, Step, and Module.
Another way to get the Modules is from the Course Listings tab in the Main Menu
for enrolled users or the Basic Training Tab for those that are not enrolled.

Access to the entire course can be purchased in the store.

Preparation for Wireless Site Acquisition

Orientation to Wireless Site Acquisition

To bring focus on the site acquisition and permitting perspective in wireless deployments we start at the big-picture level- how the nation’s wireless service carriers relate to their investments in radio technology infrastructure. This discussion goes so far as to establish a link between wireless carriers and their use of frequency spectrum, their need to perform site acquisition to expand wireless facilities, and their industry relationships with service contractors, turf vendors, and companies that specialize in communications site ownership and management (a/k/a tower-cos).

Module 1 Wireless Industry Structure

Module 1 Industry Structure draws these relationships into a discussion of wireless facilities site acquisition, project management, and the values wireless facility developers look for in the men and women who perform site acquisition.

A basic understanding of the topics presented in this first section provides the wireless deployment novice with enough background about the project environment to assume responsibilities for a search area assignment. This is preparation for the subject matter in Level II, Birddog Certificate Training- Wireless/Project Site Search Due Diligence Research.

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