Level V- Leasing Agent Training

Telecom Birddogs Level V
Leasing Agent Training

Introduction to Level V, Wireless Leasing Agent Training- Space Rights

At this point, the search for qualified wireless facility candidate locations is complete. The project team picked a property location for development. A title report was ordered. The final site location was fixed at the site visit. The property owner received the whole space rights agreement proposal. The conclusion of a space agreement represents the space rights portion of the two real estate entitlements for which site acquisition consultants are responsible.

By now, the title report is being finalized and integrated into the final land survey. Site design drawings for use in the space agreement and the permit applications are being completed. The time frame between fixing the site location and completing the drawings might be between four and twelve weeks, depending upon the A&E firm’s workload, availability of information such as the preliminary title report, and the client’s project priorities.

Now negotiations can be concluded on the space agreement. Enough time has transpired to negotiate client and property owner approval of a space agreement if the standard form needed to be revised. Space rights might be manifest through one or more agreements, including collocation SLAs, leases, easements, permits, and property purchase agreements. The chapters in this section briefly address considerations regarding each of these agreement types and other documents that may be necessary to secure adequate rights and assurances to occupy space.

Site Development Process #9, Space Rights Agreements

Negotiate agreements to acquire or modify space and use rights for infrastructure installation and operation. Obtain property owner approval on engineering drawings and zoning/permit applications.

In Module 21 Initial Space Rights, consents, options, and agreements that allow due diligence activities on the selected location and its parent property are introduced. Most wireless facility space agreements are developed as leases. Purchase contracts are included in this chapter as the initial stage of a property purchase. Some wireless carriers and tower companies prefer property ownership to leasehold interests on occasion.

A discussion of some general leasing concepts in Module 22 Leasing Concepts, is found in the first of three chapters focused strictly on wireless facility leasing for new structure development. In this chapter, the concept of subordination is given attention. The types of wireless facility leases, comparisons among lease types, and license agreements are discussed.

Module 23 Collocation Agreements is dedicated to collocation agreements under existing master lease agreements (MLAs). We delve into MLAs, underlying site agreements or master site agreements, and the impact of failing structural analysis on a collocation. This material builds on the content in Module 17 Collocation Applications.

Standard lease provisions are the subject matter of Module 24 Lease Provisions. I’ll also introduce the existence of pre-approved alternate language for many clauses in the standard lease agreements of wireless site developers. This language is also as known as a drop-in or fallback clause.

Purchasing property involves buyers and sellers while leasing involves property owners and tenants. Property purchases establish permanence while leasing connotes temporary occupancy. Module 25 Purchase Contracts addresses the process of purchasing real estate and how it differs from wireless facility space leasing.

In Module 26 Miscellaneous Agreements, a variety of agreements are introduced that may be utilized in conjunction with a lease or purchase arrangement. Some also represent an alternative to a lease or a purchase. The types of agreements covered are easements, licenses, space permits, road-use agreements, construction agreements, franchise agreements, and rules for pole attachment. I will further discuss subordination agreements, non-disturbance waivers, mineral rights, and amendments.

Site Development Process #10, Finalize Space Rights Agreements

Coordinate the process to finalize desirable space rights agreements and actively pursue processing so that projects may progress without unnecessary delays.

Module 27 Final Space Rights is about wrapping up agreements for space rights. This chapter addresses final preparations to conclude leasing, purchasing, and other forms of space rights acquisition. The result is the completion of the space rights component of real estate entitlements that site acquisition consultants secure for wireless facilities.

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