Division Two- Wireless Infrastructure Project/Site Development

Division Two- Introduction to
Wireless Site Development

Division Two, Level IV, Project Expediter Training- Project Preparations addresses the process of initiating project development activities leading toward the procurement of the real estate entitlements needed to prepare a location for construction or implementation of wireless facility infrastructure. Interim work is necessary to secure initial rights to survey the property, conduct due diligence regarding the property’s title or ownership status, develop drawings, and account for environmental considerations. To facilitate the project team’s due diligence efforts, the site acquisition consultant coordinates a group visitation to the selected development location with the property owner.

Division Two, Level V, Wireless Leasing Agent Training-  Space Rights is exclusively devoted to space agreements that need to be negotiated to secure real estate entitlement space and occupancy rights from the property or existing structure owner. I will talk about preliminary property rights, considerations for leasing property, collocation agreements, and standard wireless industry leasing provisions. Often, additional agreements, waivers, and other documents are drafted and signed by parties related in some way to the property owner’s interest in the property. These additional documents help to secure the wireless site developer’s desired interest in the property and quality real estate entitlements. I will briefly discuss the choice to purchase property instead of leasing it. Finally, some attention to closing and documenting the leasing process finishes this section.

Division Two, Level VI, Wireless Local Permit Agent Training- Local Permit Rights explores the procurement of local permit rights necessary for construction and facility operation. These rights are land-use or zoning permission and building permits. I will discuss making applications, planning staff and building department review of applications, and governing bodies involved in granting final permit approvals. Part of the permitting process involves public hearings. Our discussion includes topics typically the subject of local inquiry about wireless facilities along with providing support resources and strategies for responding to inquiries.

Division Two, Level VII, Wireless Real Estate Manager Level- Real Estate Entitlements Complete/Ready for Implementation is a wrap up all of the previous certificate training levels elaborating three perspectives: a project management point of view, the importance of close-out documentation, and the types of inquiries that may follow completion of the site acquisition and permitting phase of a wireless infrastructure deployment project.

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