Division One- Introduction to Wireless Site Acquisition and Permitting

Division One Introduction to Wireless Site Acquisition and Permitting Opening

Division One, an Introduction to Wireless Site Acquisition and Permitting is the first half of the Telecom Birddogs Firmly Anchored in Midair ™ curriculum. It is about how to select wireless infrastructure facility real estate locations. Division Two, Wireless Site Development is the second half of this curriculum. It is about how to take the selected site and prepare it for equipment implementation. Capital budgeting precedes Division One activities. Construction takes over after the completion of the Second Division.

The subject material in Division One, Level I, Project Coordinator Training- An Orientation to Wireless Site Acquisition starts with an explanation of the importance of infrastructure in the commercial mobile services or wireless industry and gravitates to a discussion of the environment in which the site acquisition role exists. Twelve qualifications and fifteen essential functions are provided for the role of site acquisition. Detailed milestones are presented that cast light on the typical tasks and outcomes derived from site acquisition projects. Some background concerning how wireless systems are designed and the types of components that make up wireless infrastructure help portray the texture of wireless facilities. Finally, the search area design translates to an assignment for site acquisition activities to commence.

Division One, Level II, BirdDog Training- Wireless Infrastructure Project/Site Search Due Diligence focuses on what the site acquisition consultant does with an assignment once it is received. Initially, the information contained with a search area assignment is reviewed and analyzed. Existing structures are considered. The search area is mapped to isolate existing structures and favorable zoning and to determine property ownership. Environmental factors are considered. The zone-ability, constructability, and lease-ability of potential locations are evaluated. Conversations and negotiations with property owners of qualified locations complete the site search due diligence process. Next, the most desirable options will be documented.

Division One, Level III, Estimator Training- Site Selection Analytics completes the first half of the site selection process. The search area report is a compilation of feasibility data that allows pertinent members of the project team to decide which location to develop. Upon site selection, an in-depth report of due diligence information collected for the chosen property is compiled by the site acquisition consultant for distribution to the project team.

Upon Site Selection and completion of Training Level III, the prerequisite Division to Wireless Site Development is complete. Next, the Site Development work begins.

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