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A             (on a zoning map) agricultural zoning

A&E         architecture and engineering firm

AAT         above average terrain

AC           alternating current

ACH         automated clearinghouse

ACHP       Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

AFCOM   Association for Computer Operations Management

AICP        American Institute of Certified Planners

AG           (on a zoning map) agricultural zoning

AGL         above ground level

AST          aboveground storage tank

AIP          Airport Improvement Program

ALTA       American Land Title Association

AMPS      advanced mobile phone service (800 MHz band)

AMSL      above mean sea level

ANSI        American National Standards Institute

APA         American Planning Association

app          application

ASR         antenna structure registration

AWS        advanced wireless services


BDAC      Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee

BIA          Bureau of Indian Affairs

BLM        Bureau of Land Management

BLS          Bureau of Labor Statistics

BOC        Bureau of the Census

BOMA     Building Owners and Managers Association

BP           building permit

BTA         basic trading area

BTS          build to suit

BTS          base transmitting station


C              (on a zoning map) commercial zoning

C2H         contract-to-hire

C2P         contract-to-permanent

CAD         computer-aided design software

Capex      capital expenditures

CBD         central business district

CBO        chief building official

CBS         Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate

CCA         Competitive Carriers Association

CCIM       Certified Commercial Investment Members of the National Association of Realtors

CCRs       Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions

CD           construction drawing

CDC         Center for Disease Control

CFR         Code of Federal Regulation

CL            centerline

CLEC       competitive local exchange carrier

CM          construction manager

CMA        cellular market area

CMRS      commercial mobile radio service

CO           telephone company central office switching center

Coax        coaxial cable

COI          certificate of insurance

COLT       cell site on a light truck

COM       (on a zoning map) commercial zoning

COO        certificate of occupancy

collo        collocation

collo app collocation application

collo mod        collocation modification

collo mod app collocation modification application

COP         cell site on a platform

CORD      central office re-architected data center

COW       cell site on wheels

CP           construction permit

CPI          Consumer Price Index

CROW     cell-site repeater on wheels

CRP         Conservation Resource Program

CTIA        The Wireless Association

CUP         conditional use permit


DAS         distributed antenna system

DC           direct current

DD           (to express latitude and longitude) degree decimal system

DHS         Department of Homeland Security

DMS        (to express latitude and longitude) degrees, minutes, seconds system

DOC        Department of Commerce

DOI         Department of the Interior

DOT        Department of Transportation

DEIS        draft environmental impact statement

DSL          digital service line


E&T         entry and test agreement

EA           economic area

EAG         economic area grouping

EC           environmental consultant

EFT          electronic funds transfer

EIS           environmental impact statement

ELF          extremely low frequencies

EMF        electromagnetic field

EMR        electromagnetic radiation

ERP         effective radiated power

ESA          Endangered Species Act

ETTH       ethernet to the home


FAA         Federal Aviation Administration

FCC         Federal Communications Commission

FCC ECFC FCC electronic comment filing system

FCC EDOCS      FCC online electronic documents

FCC NOI  FCC notice of inquiry

FCC NPRM       FCC notice of proposed rulemaking

FCC R&O Federal Communications Commission report and order

FEMA      Federal Emergency Management Agency

FHWA      Federal Highway Administration

FiberCo   fiber-optic transport services company

FIRM       Flood Insurance Rate Map

FOIA        Freedom of Information Act

FOTS       fiber-optic transport services

FSA          Farm Service Agency

FTTH       fiber optics to the home


GAO        Government Office of Accountability

GC           general contractor

GE           ground elevation

GFOA      Government Finance Officers Association

GIS          geographical information systems

GPS         geo-stationery positioning system

GT           guyed tower

GWTCA   Government Wireless Technology and Telecommunications Association


HAAT       height above average terrain

HARC      Historic Architectural Review Committee

het-net    heterogenous network

HUD        Department of Housing and Urban Development

HVAC      heating, ventilation, and air conditioning


I               (on a zoning map) industrial zoning

IC            independent contractor

IEEE         Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

ILEC         incumbent local exchange carrier

IM           intermodulation

IMLA       International Municipal Lawyers Association

IND          (on a zoning map) industrial zoning

intermod intermodulation between radio signals

IoT           internet of things

IRAC        issue, rule, application, conclusion

IRAC        Interdepartmental Radio Advisory Committee

IRS           Internal Revenue Service

IRWA       International Right-of-Way Association

ISP           internet service provider

ITIF          Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

ITP           Interdisciplinary Telecommunication Graduate Program at Colorado University

ITS           Institute of Telecommunications Sciences

ITU          International Telecommunications Union


lat           latitude

LE            lease exhibit

LED         light emitting diode

LO           landowner

LOI          letter of intent

Long        longitude

LOS         line of sight

LL            landlord


MCI         MCI Communications Corporation

MCI         Microwave Communications, Inc.

MEA        major economic area

Memo     memorandum

MIMO     Multiple-in, multiple-out

MLA        master lease agreement or master license agreement

mmWave        millimeter wavelength frequency

mod        modification

MOL        memorandum of lease

MSA        metropolitan statistical area

MSC        mobile switching center

MSO        multiple system operator

MTA        major trading area

MTSO      mobile telephone switching office

MWF       Mobile and Wireless Forum


NACo       National Association of Counties

NAB         National Association of Broadcasters

NABER    National Association of Business and Educational Radio

NAI          Native American Indian

NAILTA    National Association of Independent Land Title Agents

NAIOP     National Association of Office and Industrial Parks

NAR         National Association of Realtors

NARC      National Association of Regional Councils

NARUC    National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners

NATOA    National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors

NATaT     National Association of Towns and Townships

NCRPM   National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements

NCSL       National Conference of State Legislatures

NCSHPO  National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers

NCTA       The Rural Broadband Association

NDA        non-disclosure agreement

NDA        non-disturbance agreement

NEPA       National Environmental Protection Act of 1969

NHPA      National Historic Preservation Act

NIH          National Institute of Health

NLC         National League of Cities

NOC        network operations center

NPA         nationwide programmatic agreement between the FCC, ACHP, and NCSHPO

NPS         National Park Service

NPSBN     Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network

NSPS        National Society of Professional Surveyors

NTIA        National Telecommunications and Information Administration

NTP         notice to proceed


O&E        ownership and encumbrance report

OSHA      Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSP         outside plant


P              (on a zoning map) public use zoning

PA           pole attachment

PAL          NPA/programmatic agreement letter

PCIA        Personal Communications Industry Association

PCS          personnel communications services (1900 MHz Band)

PE            professional engineer

PEA         partial economic area

PFC          passenger facility charges

PIN          parcel identification number

PLSS        Public Land Survey System

PM          (regarding a legal description) Principal Meridian

PM          (regarding a person) project manager

PMI         Project Management Institute

PMP        Project Management Professional designation

POPS       Principles of Professional Salesmanship Program

PPI           Producers Price Index

PSB          Public Safety Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission

PPF          price per foot

PSA          Purchase and Sale Agreement

PSC          Public Service Commission

PSF          price per square foot

PSTN       public switched telephone network

PROW     public right-of-way

PUC         Public Utility Commission

PURA       Public Utility Regulatory Authority


R             (on a zoning map) residential zoning

rad center       antenna radiation centerline elevation

RAN         radio access network

REAG       regional economic area

REC         real estate entitlements completed

RES          (on a zoning map) residential zoning

RET         remote electrical tilt

REIT        real estate investment trust

RF            radio frequency

RF Engineer     radio frequency engineer

RFE          radio frequency emissions

RFQ         request for quotation

RPC         regional PCS area

ROE         right of entry consent

ROFR       right of first refusal

ROW       right-of-way

RRU         remote radio unit

RSA         rural statistical area

RT           rooftop

RUS         Rural Utility Service of Department of Agriculture

R/W        right-of-way

Rx            receiver


SA            structural analysis

SAC         site acquisition consultant

SAR         search area report

SARF        search area request form or site acquisition request form

SCIP         site candidate information package

SDN         software defined network

SEC          Securities and Exchange Commission

SEP          special exception permit

SHPO       State Historic Preservation Officer

Site Mod site modification

SLA          site lease or license agreement or supplemental lease or license agreement

SME        subject matter expert

SMR        specialized mobile radio (800 MHz Band)

SNDA       subordination and non-disturbance agreement

SOP         standard operating procedure

SOS         Secretary of State

SOMA     Site Owners and Managers Association

SOW        statement of work

SS#          Social Security Number

SST          self-supporting tower

sUAS        small unmanned aircraft service

SUP         special use permit


TCA         Telecommunications Act of 1996

TCNS       federal communications commission tower construction notification system

telco        telephone company

TERO       Tribal Employment Rights Office

THPO      Tribal Historic Preservation Officer

TI             tenant improvement

TIA          Telecommunications Industries Association

TIA          The Internet Association

title prelim      preliminary title commitment report

TMA        tower mounted amplifier

towerco  owner of communications tower space for rent

transceiver      a combination transmitter and receiver

TTA         tower top amplifier

Tx            transmitter


UAS         unmanned aircraft service

ULS          Universal Licensing System Database

USDA       US Department of Agriculture

USFS        US Forest Service, division of US Department of Agriculture

USFWS    US Fish & Wildlife Service

USGS       US Geological Survey

USPS        United States Postal Service

USR         use on special review

USMC      US Conference of Mayors


W-2         statement documenting employee earnings for submittal to the IRS

W-4         document required for employee prior to receiving compensation

W-9         document required for contractor prior to receiving compensation

WB          Wireline Bureau of the FCC

WHO       World Health Organization

WIA         Wireless Infrastructure Association

WiFi        wireless fiber

WISPA     Wireless Internet Service Providers Association

WT          water tower or tank

WTA        Western Telecommunications Alliance

WTB        Wireless Telecommunications Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission


ZBA         zoning board of adjustment or appeals

ZD           zoning drawing

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