Telecom Birddogs, LLC

After 35 years
generating fast-track, quality-controlled,
highly successful results
developing real estate rights/entitlements
for the implementation of wireless and other forms
of telecommunication infrastructure,
Telecom Birddogs LLC offers the only comprehensive
step-by-step, blow-by-blow account of the wireless deployment process
from the creation of a new facility search area assignment
to the property being ready for construction
from the perspective of a real estate developer
using courses and books.

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“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” – Vince Lombardi

The Quickest, Most effective Roadmap
Wireless Site Acquisition/Development Process
Comprehensive Knowledge, Detailed Competency, and Wisdom!
Tried and True!

More what?

Well, for one, we know we need a larger trained workforce
of safety-conscious tower crews

Next, we need
More Productive and More Professional
Site Acquisition,
Permitting, Zoning … Site Development
than ever before

In the PAST 40 YEARS, we deployed Hundreds of Thousands of cell site facilities
But we’ll need Hundreds of Thousands MORE in the NEXT 5 YEARS

HOW are we going to meet the need for so many new qualified siting workers?

Are YOU prepared?

The goal of “Firmly Anchored in Midair” by Telecom Birddogs LLC is
to step up the execution of site development projects
through training the 15 essential job functions of
Site Acquisition, Zoning, and Permitting 

from RECEIPT of Search Area Assignments
to the Completion of Quality  Real Estate Entitlements,
the POINT when sites are ready for Construction/ Implementation/ Installation

Our tried and true mantra for success is
“Fast Track – Quality Controlled”
Wireless Site Acquisition and Permitting

 Our goals are 1.) Higher productivity,
2.) Reduced delays, and 3.) Lower deployment costs,
including a.) Reduced legal fees for negotiation and
b.) Reduced costs to redo sites after failed permit applications

 We need more trained
– Coordinators
– Specialists
– Managers
– Agents
– Turf Vendors
– Project Counsel
– Project Managers
Program Managers
– Site Acquisition Firms
who can TRULY step into the middle of any project
and hit the ground running

 The first resource we developed to this end was
The Handbook of Wireless Site Acquisition and Permitting
which is printed Comprehensive Basic Training

 Our current initiative calls for
deeper topical training on a granular level,
specific to company workforce needs
to prepare new hires for success and
to increase the productivity of existing professionals

This Handbook covers all the bases regarding industry practices
and site acquisition challenges for your team

 It is foundational for the development
of tailor-made programs for industry organizations

HOW are you going
to get your people ready
for the onslaught of sites
needed in the next five years?

Let our proven training content

Mission Statement

Our goal is to elevate and encourage high standards in the performance of site acquisition and permitting of wireless facilities through the exercise of careful site search due diligence, complete feasibility reporting, informed site selection, seamless project execution, and the development of quality space and local permit real estate entitlements.

Telecom Birddogs, LLC stands for excellence in site acquisition, permitting, project mgt., and team engagement throughout the wireless industry between carriers, RF engineers, construction managers, operations personnel, real estate managers and specialists, turf vendors, site acquisition agencies, A&E firms, environment consultants, project attorneys, construction companies, title companies, site owners and managers, investors,  OEMs, system integrators, and affiliated industry associations as well as the federal, state, & local jurisdictions that impact and are impacted by infrastructure development and their support associations.

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Telecom Birddogs point the way to a higher degree of preparation for wireless deployments. Getting off on the right foot from the outset makes site development efforts more fruitful, cost-effective, and time-efficient.

Our mantra is “Fast-Track and Quality-Controlled Wireless Site Acquisition and Permitting”. With the proper planning and execution, the project team can be confident throughout the project cycle in the real estate entitlement process; freeing up management time to address more pressing matters.

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