Level III- Project Estimator Training

Telecom Birddog Level III
Wireless Project Estimator Training

Introduction to Level III, Project Estimator Training- Wireless Infrastructure Site Selection Analytics

For this Level, we focus on coordination and reports toward the end of site selection.

Site Development Process #2, Research, Assemble, and Submit Search Area Report (SAR)
Assemble and submit a detailed report identifying qualifying candidates for selection consideration.

The site selection process involves the site acquisition consultant disseminating relevant due diligence findings to pertinent members of the project team. The team will use this information to determine which candidate location to invest capital resources for facility development. As discussed in Module 13 Search Area Report (SAR), SARs define variables regarding a shortlist of the most RF suitable, zone-able, constructible, and leasable properties in the search area.

Site Development Process #3, Site Selection
Participate in the site selection discussion by answering other team members’ questions, conducting further research, and reporting prior to site selection.

Upon review of the SAR, pertinent members of the project team rank the alternative candidates and select one location for project development. Each member of the project team considers different criteria in the analysis of the choices. Ultimately, site selection is made among specific locations, parent properties, and property owners. Module 14 Project Team discusses the vested interests of the project team members.

Site Development Process #4 Selected Site Due Diligence Report
Complete in-depth report to satisfy data requirements for the team to proceed with the project to develop wireless infrastructure on the selected site.

Once a site location is selected for development, a site candidate information package (SCIP) is compiled by the site acquisition consultant, as detailed in Module 15 Site Candidate Information Package (SCIP). The SCIP is an in-depth report about the selected site location. It provides details about the selected site in addition to the information provided in the SAR leading to site selection. The SCIP details assist members of the project team in starting their work on the project and performing analytics regarding site design and implementation.

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