Wireless Site Development Handbook

Wireless Site Development Handbook




The Seven Progressive Job Function Sections of Wireless Site Acquisition and Local Permitting
from Orientation/Search Area Assignment
to Real Estate Entitlements Complete/ Project Ready for Construction/Implementation

Part One- Intro to Site Acquisition and Permitting (Site Selection)
Section I- Orientation- Understand the business context of wireless facility development
Section II-  Search Area Due Diligence- Learn the process of finding and validating quality locations
Section III- Site Selection Analytics- Prepare the wireless deployment project team to choose the best location to develop
Part Two- Site Development
Section IV- Project Preparations- Coordinate site development to ensure “fast track, quality controlled results”
Section V- Space Rights- Secure quality real estate rights for facility implementation and operation
Section VI- Local Permit Rights- Secure quality local permit rights for facility implementation and operation
Section VII- Reral Estate Entitlement Completion  – Manage the entire process to develop quality real estate entitlements

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