Prologue: Introduction to Orientation for Wireless Site Acquisition and Permitting


Orientation to Wireless Site Acquisition

To bring focus on the site acquisition and permitting perspective in wireless deployments we start at the big-picture level- how the nation’s wireless service carriers relate to their investments in radio technology infrastructure. This discussion goes so far as to establish a link between wireless carriers and their use of frequency spectrum, their need to perform site acquisition to expand wireless facilities, and their industry relationships with service contractors, turf vendors, and companies that specialize in communications site ownership and management (a/k/a tower-cos).

A basic understanding of the topics presented in this first section provides the wireless deployment novice with enough background about the project environment to assume responsibilities for a search area assignment. This is preparation for the subject matter in Level II, Birddog Certificate Training- Wireless/Project Site Search Due Diligence Research.

Next, please proceed to Prologue: Module 1 Wireless Industry Structure in the Roadmap.

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