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Wireless Site Development in Detail
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Wireless Industry Site Acquisition,
Zoning, and Permitting Managers and Consultants


Site Acquisition Coordinators
Site Acquisition Firms
Real Estate Specialists
Project Managers
RF Engineers
Project Attorneys
Construction Managers
Architects and Engineers
Environmental Consultants
Wireless Facility Developers
Wireless Industry Turf Vendors
Tower Development Entrepreneurs

Does Any of this Sound Familiar …

Site acquisition and permitting processes can be complicated

Due Diligence research skills need to be understood and developed

Site development is taught through on-the-job training

Training for site development lacks a comprehensive approach 

That’s what inspired this industry training program

To get a new generation of wireless site developers off on the right foot,
to educate and train up professionals for higher levels of competence
and successful project management,
resolving the current problems due to poor training,
such as:

  • Delays in getting cell sites leased, permitted, built, and in-service

  • Unbudgeted expenses to fix leasing, engineering, and permitting mistakes 

  • Network expansion/capacity delays due to failed permit applications

  • Extraordinary costs of legal/lease negotiations, construction, and compliance 


The Quickest Path to
Wireless Site Acquisition/Development Process
Knowledge, Wisdom, and Competency!

Online Training based upon
“Firmly Anchored in Midair,
The Handbook of Wireless Site Acquisition and Permitting”
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