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Mission Statement

Our goal is to elevate and encourage high standards in the performance of site acquisition and permitting of wireless facilities through the exercise of careful site search due diligence, complete feasibility reporting, informed site selection, seamless project execution, and the development of quality space and local permit real estate entitlements.

Telecom Birddogs, LLC stands for excellence in site acquisition, permitting, project mgt., and team engagement throughout the wireless industry between carriers, RF engineers, construction managers, operations personnel, real estate managers and specialists, turf vendors, site acquisition agencies, A&E firms, environment consultants, project attorneys, construction companies, title companies, site owners and managers, investors,  OEMs, system integrators, and affiliated industry associations as well as the federal, state, & local jurisdictions that impact and are impacted by infrastructure development and their support associations.

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Telecom Birddogs point the way to a higher degree of preparation for wireless deployments. Getting off on the right foot from the outset makes site development efforts more fruitful, cost-effective, and time-efficient.

Our mantra is “Fast-Track and Quality-Controlled Wireless Site Acquisition and Permitting”. With the proper planning and execution, the project team can be confident throughout the project cycle in the real estate entitlement process; freeing up management time to address more pressing matters.

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