The Message

OUR INDUSTRY NEEDS MORE—— Productive and Better Qualified

    Site Acquisition and Permitting talent- Than ever before


In the PAST 40 YEARS we developed over 350,000 cell sites

But we’ll need Hundreds of Thousands more in the next five years


HOW will we meet the need for additional talent?

Are we prepared?


The goal of “Firmly Anchored in Midair” is to elevate the standards           of the site acquisition profession by explaining the 15 essential job functions of this business

from RECEIPT of a Search Area Assignment

to THE POINT OF Real Estate Completion when the site is ready for Construction/ Implementation/Installation


My personal mantra is Fast Track – Quality Controlled Wireless              Site Acquisition and Permitting





The goals are higher productivity,

reduced delays and lower deployment costs,

including reduced legal fees for negotiation

and the cost to redo sites due to failed permit applications


We need trained people who can step into the middle of any project

And hit the ground running


My first measure to this end was the Handbook

It is  Comprehensive Basic Training


Beyond this training tool deeper topical training     –     

specific to a company’s workforce is the logical next step to prepare                     new hires


This Handbook covers all the bases regarding industry practices

and site acquisition challenges for your team


It is foundational for development           

tailor-made programs for industry organizations  

HOW are you going

                                 to get your people ready

                                for the onslaught of sites

                              needed in the next five years?

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