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Site Acquisition Services take the theoretically feasible site through due diligence, and contract negotiations processes, resulting in an acquired property, and purchase orders for the due diligence tasks of: Title Report, a site survey, the completion of the NEPA Checklist, a Phase I Report, a geotechnical evaluation, the receipt of a letter to proceed from the State Historical Preservation Officer, & FAA Approval. Due Diligence tasks need to be completed and documentation submitted (along with some of the Site Selection documents, and, further, documentation regarding a review of the negotiations by the legal counsel) before the Client executes the acquisition agreement.

A Site Feasibility Visit was specified in Site Selection Services. But since Site Selection concludes with approval(s) of a Search Area Candidates Information Package (based upon a satisfactory RF coverage and the required documentation), the Site Feasibility Visit might not actually take place until after the RF Engineer has already blessed or rejected candidates, solely based upon rf coverage predictions. This saves the trouble of coordinating the Feasibility Visit for sites that don’t demonstrate an adequate RF Coverage Plot. As many search areas are, also, positioned along corridors, until or unless all of the candidate sites from one search ring to other line up satisfactorily with each other for the entire corridor it could be a waste of time to perform the feasibility visit.

After identifying bona fide candidates (ie. RF approved & construct-able sites with landowners willing to make a Client acceptable deal), coordinate among the Site Acquisition Manager and the Construction Manager to schedule Site Candidate Feasibility Visits at the RF approved candidate sites. Client personnel and or representatives attending the Feasibility Visit includes, but are not limited to the RF engineer, the Construction Engineer, and the Site Acquisition Manager. Other participants possibly joining the meetings include, but are not limited to, A&E contract consultants and/or technical operations vendors.

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