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It’s from Light Reading. “For all the uncertainty in some aspects of edge computing, there is general agreement that cell towers will be the logical location for edge computing to happen first, which is why it’s not surprising that major players such as Crown Castle and Vertical Bridge are investing in data center technology and exploring this next new frontier. They aren’t doing it in the same way, however, and their respective efforts cast some light on differing business models.” Read on-

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John Rowe Wireless Infrastructure Development SME
John M. Rowe, author/publisher of "Firmly Anchored in Midair: The Handbook of Wireless Site Acquisition and Permitting" and owner of Communications Real Estate, Inc. and Telecom Birddogs, LLC, is a licensed real estate broker in Colorado and has served as a subject matter expert for the telecommunications facility development business for over 30 years. Rowe has been involved with locating, acquiring, and securing permits to build and operate communications sites on new towers and existing structures throughout the United States since 1980, as well a recruiting, hiring, training, and managing groups of others to do the same. John received his Bachelor of Science degree from Iowa State University in Industrial Management and his Master of Science degree in Telecommunications from the University of Colorado. Rowe served as the Colorado Wireless Association as Regulatory Chairman (2017 & 2018). Mr. Rowe resides in Centennial, Colorado with his wife Debbie where he divides his time between expanding company training offerings, attending bible studies, and his wife.

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