Over 50,000 Square Miles of LTE Coverage Added to Support AT&T/FirstNet Users in 2018

AT&T customers and FirstNet subscribers got a big boost in wireless connectivity last year.
AT&T increased its LTE coverage area for its network and FirstNet by more than the size of
Louisana in 2018, covering an additional 1 million individuals.

In the process, Band-14 spectrum was deployed in over 500 markets impacting more than
5,250 public safety agencies using 425,000 connections on FirstNet today. That’s greater
than a 60% increase in the number of connections since the end of October 2008. The
coverage challenge is to provide service to 60,000 public safety agencies, 3,144 counties,
and 566 federally recognized tribes in urban and rural areas.

The goal of FirstNet is for the completed network substantially in operation in 2022. AT&T
reports that less than a year into the Band 14 build and months ahead of schedule they
cover more than 40% of the total FirstNet Band 14 rural and non-rural coverage targets.
https://www.firstnet.gov/sites/default/files/FirstNet By the Numbers_Updated 10042016.pdf

The areas of service FirstNet provides benefit for types of emergency communications:
Fire, Law Enforcement, Medical, and Management.


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