Google and Netflix know the power of improv in the workplace. This is how to make it work for you

“Some theatre skills are as useful in the office as on stage — in particular, the art of improvisation, or “improv”.

This article is about a Stanford University lecturer, Dan Klein, that specializes in the unusual combination of
both theatre studies and business management, and his clients include Netflix, Google, and Uber.

“It turns out those skills are really, really useful, like paying attention and listening to each other, making your
partner look good, building ideas rather than cutting them down,” Mr. Klein says.

He says improvisation training in workplaces helps people learn not to fear to look silly or to say the wrong
thing — commonly held concerns that can hold us back from coming up with new ideas. “We are always trying
to get it exactly right, and if we are allowed to mess up more we can make more discoveries; we can learn more,
we can learn faster,” Mr.Training Klein says.


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