FCC to Consider Additional 5G Spectrum; Getting Tough on Municipalities

“In our conversations with carriers and those that would like to enter the space, they have
expressed a great demand for millimeter frequencies,” FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly
told the audience during the Wireless Infrastructure Association’s Connectivity Expo,
yesterday, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“We’re getting ready to auction high-band and push as much spectrum into the marketplace
as possible.” O’Rielly said he is also working to make a swath of mid-band spectrum available
for 5G or advanced 4G. He was interviewed by Kathleen Abernathy of Wilkinson Barker Knauer.

Concerning municipalities O’Rielly said, “We have tried to be nice, cajoling the states and
municipalities to do the right thing. It hasn’t exactly worked in most cases. We have had
increasing problems. There is only so much goodwill you can expend on one side of the
equation,” he said. “Now we are going to go the aggressive route, getting bad actor
communities out of the way.”




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