Estimation of RF energy absorbed in the brain from mobile phones in the Interphone Study

The objective of this study was to develop an estimate of a radio frequency (RF) dose as the amount
of mobile phone RF energy absorbed at the location of a brain tumor, for use in the Interphone
Epidemiological Study.

The main determinants of total cumulative specific RF energy from mobile phones were communications
system and frequency band, location in the brain and amount and duration of mobile phone use. Though
there was substantial agreement between categorization of subjects by cumulative specific RF energy and
cumulative call time, misclassification was non-negligible, particularly at higher frequency bands. Factors
such as adaptive power control (except in Code Division Multiple Access networks), discontinuous
transmission and conditions of phone use were found to have a relatively minor influence on total cumulative
specific RF energy.

While the amount and duration of use are important determinants of RF dose in the brain, their impact can
be substantially modified by the communications system, frequency band, and location in the brain. It is
important to take these into account in analyses of risk of brain tumors from RF exposure from mobile phones.


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