Either way, a merger with T-Mobile or the likely failure of Sprint could hurt customers

Point: According to an antitrust expert hired by states that oppose the merger, T-Mobile’s takeover of
Sprint Inc. would probably erode competition for U.S. wireless services and lead to higher prices
for consumers.

Counterpoint: According to a Sprint executive, his company wouldn’t survive much longer without a
proposed $26.5 billion takeover by T-Mobile, because it lacks the resources to upgrade its networks
and has generally weak business prospects. “Sprint would not be viable within the next two years,”
Jay Bluhm, the vice president of network development and engineering, said Wednesday.

Another counterpoint: To win the approval of the merger, T-Mobile has pledged to freeze prices for
three years, offer free wireless broadband access to 10 million underserved students and roll out a
new $15-a-month data plan capped at 2 gigabytes.

Another counterpoint: Who doesn’t want to see DISH overcome the odds and become the new 4th
national carrier?


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