CTIA Hosts New Platform to Answer RF Energy Concerns

The Cellular Telephone and Internet Association recently turned up a website for the purpose to
combat misinformation about radio frequency electromagnetic energy and impacts on health.

It’s a good thing that CTIA is being proactive to host a platform dedicated to
answering questions
about RF energy. Since CTIA is an industry association,
it’s especially a good thing that it has chosen 
an approach to quote media and
health organizations that have nothing to gain by stating anything 
other than
their honest opinions based upon about 70 years of international research.

As such, my opinion is that http://www.wirelesshealthfacts.com should be
continuously updated 
with current releases of research findings and expanded
to include the ever-increasing body of facts 
that dispute ongoing false claims
and innuendo propagated by organizations seeking to confuse 
the truth and
spread misinformation for the purpose to spark and fan flames of irrational
 https://www.wirelesshealthfacts.com/  for more information on this
CTIA sponsored website.

John Rowe

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