Cell Sites, Lease Rates, and the Emergence of Small Cells, HetNet Magazine (2/25/2016)

By Jim Polick http://www.cellsiteowners.com/

Procuring a wireless lease- whether for a cell tower installation or a site that uses an
existing structure, such as a building, to install their equipment- can be a great financial
windfall for property owners. These sites can provide substantial income with little effort
on the landlord’s part. Of course, it is critical that the potential landlord negotiates a
landlord-friendly initial lease, both in business terms and the other issues that affect the
overall value of the lease.

Wireless leases are invariably long-term (30-40 years and up) and one-sided in favor of
the tenant on one crucial term- the tenant retains the right to terminate the lease effectively
at will, and will not give the landlord that same right. Wireless carriers and tower companies
do have flexibility on many other terms, usually including rent amount, and it is important
for the property owner to identify and address those issues during negotiations.


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