Baller, Stokes, and Lide, PC List of Current Events (2/14/2019)


“The American Broadband Initiative (ABI) report reflects the work of a multi-agency effort to remove barriers to broadband deployment. Under the leadership of the White House, the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Commerce, the American Broadband Initiative is based on a fundamental principle: nothing drives innovation more effectively than unleashing the free market economy. … [T]oday’s report represents a significant step forward toward delivering the modern broadband infrastructure that all Americans deserve. ” :: The White House :: Telecompetitor . . .

. . . “Feds Aim to Cut Rural Broadband Red Tape” :: Broadband World News

“Botetourt County [VA] moving ahead with broadband” :: Roanoke Times

“Georgia House OKs Electric Co-Ops to Offer High-Speed Internet” :: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

State of Maine may allocate $120M for underserved broadband deployments :: Portland Press Herald

“State of Maine and Dakota County, Minnesota, Looking to Fill Key Broadband Positions” :: MuniNetworks

“Point Broadband looks to expand outside of Opelika” :: Opelika-Auburn News

Georgia electric cooperative uses drone to install fiber to remote weather station :: Telecompetitor

“Boston Increases Size of Popular Digital Equity Fund” :: Government Technology

“San Jose, Calif., Puts $24M Toward Closing the Digital Divide” :: Mercury News

“ACA: USF Needs Public Interest Fixes” :: Broadcasting & Cable

“NTIA Partners with 8 States on Improvements to Broadband Availability Map” :: NTIA

NTIA BroadbandUSA webinar:  “Measuring the Digital Divide: Review of Recent Surveys and Data” – Feb. 20 :: NTIA BroadbandUSA

NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association announces smart rural community grant recipients :: NTCA

“Shrinking Competition for Transport” :: “A few years ago I helped a City look for fiber transport and the three options they found that were reasonably priced were CenturyLink, Level 3 and Zayo. If CenturyLink buys Zayo they will have purchased both competitors in this region and will effectively eliminated fiber transport competition for this community. Without that competition it’s inevitable that transport prices will rise.” :: POTs and PANs

“ISPs are Violating the Old Net Neutrality Rules” :: POTs and PANs


“Verizon’s stalled 5G rollout reportedly covers less than 10% of Sacramento” :: VentureBeat

Solar-powered, off-the-grid cell towers in Spain :: Bloomberg

“The CBRS Alliance and the Small Cell Forum will work together” :: Telecompetitor

“Verizon, T-Mobile, Amazon Hint at CBRS 3.5GHz Ambitions” — “[I]t seems clear that the CBRS market is slowly but surely coming together.” :: Light Reading

“Edge networking and edge cloud are closely associated with 5G. It will be either impossible or very difficult to deliver advanced low latency services without hosting application logic closer to the user than in today’s centralized network cloud architectures. It’s not an overstatement to say edge computing is inherent to 5G architecture.” :: Light Reading

“Altaeros Launches Commercially Available Aerial Cell Tower” :: Telecompetitor

“Dish Network execs continue to downplay concerns and skepticism about its plans to deploy a narrowband-IoT network and follow with a phase II effort that will result in a standalone 5G network.  Dish is 388 days away from the March 7, 2020 buildout deadline for an NB-IoT network.” :: Light Reading

“Top Democrats want to kill the T-Mobile-Sprint merger” :: The Verge

“Public Knowledge to Hill: T-Mobile-Sprint is Presumptively Illegal” :: Multichannel News

“Another Giant Telecom Merger Could Kill Jobs and Leave Low-Income Consumers in the Lurch. It’s Happened Before. — And Democrats running in 2020 are already coming out against the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint.” ::  Mother Jones


“Cable and satellite TV companies need a miracle to save them from cord-cutting” — “Companies like Comcast and Charter have a better chance at keeping TV subscribers around by bundling internet service–and they’re profiting nicely from a rise in internet customers–but even they won’t be immune from the cord-cutting trend as customers realize they’ve got plenty of cheaper (or even free) streaming options.” :: Fast Company

“Streaming Alternatives Are Cannibalizing Traditional Pay TV” :: Motley Fool

“In the heated battle to achieve scale—and survival—in the bloody virtual MVPD war, Sling TV managed to pad its lead in the fourth quarter, adding around 50,000 subscribers in the fourth quarter.” :: Multichannel News


“U.S. Chamber Releases Model Privacy Legislation, Urges Congress to Pass a Federal Privacy Law” :: U.S. Chamber of Commerce


House Judiciary Chairman Cicilline wants to modernize antitrust :: Politico

“Should Libraries Be the Keepers of Their Cities’ Public Data?” :: Nextgov


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