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Does Any of this Sound Familiar …

Site acquisition and permitting processes can be complicated

Due Diligence research skills need to be understood and developed

Site development is taught through on-the-job training

Trai9niong for site development lacks a comprehensive approach 

That’s what inspired this industry training program

To get a new generation of wireless site developers off on the right foot,
to educate and train up professionals for higher levels of competence
and successful project management,
resolving the current problems due to poor training,
such as:

  • Delays in getting cell sites leased, permitted, built, and in-service

  • Unbudgeted expenses to fix leasing, engineering, and permitting mistakes 

  • Network expansion/capacity delays due to failed permit applications

  • Extraordinary costs of legal/lease negotiations, construction, and compliance 


“Firmly Anchored in Midair,
The Handbook of Wireless Site Acquisition and Permitting”

” … even after many years in the business, I found myself acquiring new knowledge and strategies. I couldn’t put Firmly Anchored in Midair down! Whether you are a newcomer to site acquisition or been around the block many times, you will want this book!”
—Lawrence Behr, Chairman, LBA Group, Inc

“Firmly Anchored in Midair is an incredibly well-researched and very thorough book. A true masterpiece. This book is very useful in my practice. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”
—Ronald E. Quirk, Jr., Esq. Head of Internet of Things and Connected Devices Practice Group, Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC, Tysons, VA

“Firmly Anchored in Midair is the undisputed guide to site acquisition and permitting. John gives insights into what it takes to build new sites from all aspects of site acquisition, leasing, and zoning, and permitting. Whether you are directly or indirectly involved in site acquisition, the handbook is essential reading for the telecom industry.”
—Bryan Darr, President & CEO, Mosaik Solutions (formerly American Roamer)

“Mr. Rowe has carefully thought through and articulated the entire process for a successful real estate transaction for new wireless facilities. This book is a must-read for anyone getting started in the wireless real estate industry and should find a home in every veteran’s desktop reference materials.”
—Larry Louk, Principal, Selective Site Consultants

“If you are in a wireless site acquisition role and have a question, Firmly Anchored in Midair has the answer. Thorough and detailed, the book covers all the bases. Terms are defined, processes detailed, even network design and spectrum. If you are new to the industry or have been around for a project or two, you’ll want to keep this book handy.”
—Patti Ringo, industry consultant and former President, California Wireless Association (CalWA)

“John has written the wireless communications industry’s first comprehensive guide for a professional site acquisition process. Firmly Anchored in Midair will become the go-to training resource for site acquisition managers and their consultants.”
— Richard J. Busch, Esq., CEO, Wireless Policy Group LLC

Before reading Firmly Anchored in Midair, I had virtually no knowledge of wireless site acquisition (and very little experience with zoning and permitting). John Rowe’s incredibly thorough and well-researched book served as a master class in this topic. John also provides additional resources for readers that deserve to perform a deep dive on this complicated topic. After reading the book and following up on the several key references listed in the notes, I prepared a business plan related to this space and received venture-backing. My success would not have been possible without having read Firmly Anchored in Midair. I cannot thank John Rowe enough; I continue to rely on my tabbed and underlined version of this book as a key resource.
Neil O’Donnell- Managing Partner at Legal Scale LLP, CEO at Faraday Partners LLC

“John Rowe has encapsulated into a single easily accessible volume a realistic field guide and desk reference for all of us working on wireless site acquisitions, from leasing to site activation. Equally applicable to and immensely value for professionals working for carriers, facilities providers, local governments, and site landlords, John clearly and logically sets out and deep-dives into every key process step and goal along the path.”
—Dr. Jonathan L. Kramer, wireless attorney, and RF engineer

“This book is a must-read for new hires. I’ve been in wireless since 1989 and I have worked in almost every nook and cranny of that business. Throughout my career, I felt the need for a reference manual to help a new entrant ease the complex learning curve. Firmly Anchored in Midair gets to the HEART of the complexity of network deployment. It addresses virtually every challenge we face in the site acq business today.
Projects often come up fast; we gather teams on the fly and without the benefit of a comprehensive training resource. This book fills a huge knowledge gap. This book benefits everyone in network deployment, from the front office to the front porch. . . this book covers all the bases and is meant to get out in the field.”
—Scott Quitadamo, Sr. Technical Process and Quality Manager, AT&T Global Connection Management. Formerly National Director of Vertical Real Estate, Clear Channel Communications

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