Topic 13- Site Acquisition Specialties


Topic 13- Site Acquisition Specializations

The Sections of this Handbook lend themselves to study as sub-specializations within the overall context of wireless site acquisition and permitting. For instance, this first, orientation section of six chapters/modules provides an appropriate context for the entry-level roles of project coordinator, real estate specialist, and administrative support to get a career started in the wireless deployment environment. The next, site search due diligence section of six chapters/modules is also branded as birddog training, how to find the good sites. The third, site selection analytics section of three chapters/modules regarding project data reporting and project cost estimating is branded project estimator training, working with the project team and internal systems to choose the best overall site to develop. These three sections a/k/a levels of training combine overall to compose wireless site selection training, a volume of content unto itself.

The fourth, project preparations section of five chapters/modules of this Handbook begins the second volume of content regarding wireless site development. Section IV is branded project expediter training, initiating and tracking the processes that enable quality real estate entitlements to be successfully secured and finalized. The fifth, space rights leasing agent section of seven chapters/modules specifically refers to securing space rights agreements branded leasing agent training. The sixth, local permit rights section of four chapters/modules supports the development of zoning and building permit procurement expertise through local permit consultant training.

Additional perspective on the content in this Handbook yields specialized training for those engaged in processing collocations with focus provided in Chapter/Module 17, Collocation Applications, and Chapter/Module 23, Collocation Agreements, for those engaged in processing title work with focus provided in Chapter/Module 18, Title Commitments, for those engaged in collaborating with architectural and engineering design specialists with focus provided in Chapter/Module 19, Standard Engineered Drawings and Reports, and Chapter/Module 20, Supplemental Engineered Drawings and Reports, for those engaged as close-out specialists with focus provided in Chapter/Module 27, Final Space Rights, Chapter/Module 31, Local Governing, Public Hearings, and Final Documentation, and Essential Function/Site Development Process #14, and, last but not least, for those engaged in program/project coordination, administration, and management through additional focus on Essential Function/Site Development Process #13, Project Management.

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