Topic 12- Values Expected of Site Acquisition Consultants


Topic 12- Values Expected of Site Acquisition Consultants

It’s useful to exhibit positive values in the conduct of site acquisition business, consistent with client expectations. Below is a list of values that benefit the wireless site acquisition mission and the environment in which we work.

Hardworking, as evidenced by preparation, accomplishment, and productivity. It is the result of enthusiastic effort, self-motivation, and the ability to set priorities and manage time. This includes expediting permits and leases, reporting, and preparing for public hearings.

Adaptability to changing circumstances in managing projects demonstrates creative problem solving, situational flexibility, resourcefulness, mental resiliency, and the ability to simplify complex issues into manageable actions.

Tenacity in negotiating circumstances is a demonstration of confidence, determination, and persistence to resolve complications and meet deadlines.

Reliability is demonstrated through accountability, dependability, discipline, focus, compliance with client procedures, punctuality, a responsible nature, and consistent communications and service to the client, project team, and customers.

Integrity involves discipline, cooperation, authenticity, genuine courtesy, honesty, and the avoidance of conflicts of interest. We earn trust from our concern and consideration for others. Effective negotiations require integrity.

Sensitivity regards the ability to understand dynamics behind the scenes, work effectively with team members, understand property owner motives, and read personality traits to perceive potential roadblocks and adjust accordingly. Site search and selection, relationships with property owners and local planners, and public hearings particularly require sensitivity to the sway of the meeting.

Cultural values such as these represent virtues that can be nurtured and developed personally. The importance of espousing these values can’t be overemphasized in the context of the project management environment and the representation of wireless clients to property owners, jurisdictional authorities, and neighborhood groups.


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