Level VII- Real Estate Project Manager Training

Level VII Real Estate Project Manager Training, Completion of Real Estate Entitlements

Level VII Real Estate Entitlements Completion Learning Objectives
a/k/a Learning Objectives for Site Development Processes #13-#15

Upon completion the learner will be able to:

  • discuss the importance of the completed real estate entitlements
  • discern the steps taken in sequence to take a search ring through site selection and to acquire space rights and local permit rights
  • explain how site development projects may differ from one another
  • explain the close-out process site acquisition and permitting
  • list opportunities for site development contractors to demonstrate excellent customer service
  • explain how to preserve best practices for future or ongoing projects
  • discuss project management concepts applied to wireless projects
  • explain how tracking and expediting specific tasks benefits progress
  • identify specific procedures and actions to smoothly hand off the project to the construction manager and general contractor
  • ensure the client has proper database information
  • respond to inquiries made months & years after the work is done
  • remain the primary property owner and jurisdiction project contact
  • exhibit a project management point of view

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