Book Review, April 25, 2018

Additional reviews are starting to come in-

This is a heartwarming review of how this book was a catalyst for business development.
“Before reading Firmly Anchored in Midair, I had virtually no knowledge of wireless site acquisition (and very little experience with zoning and permitting). John Rowe’s incredibly thorough and well-researched book served as a master class on this topic. John also provides additional resources for readers that deserve to perform a deep dive on this complicated topic. After reading the book and following up on the several key references listed in the notes, I prepared a business plan related to this space and received venture-backing. My success would not have been possible without having read Firmly Anchored in Midair. I cannot thank John Rowe enough; I continue to rely on my tabbed and underlined version of this book as a key resource.”

Neil O’Donnell, Esq.
CEO, Faraday Partners LLC
New York, New York

I just noticed some reviews on Amazon, where I otherwise don’t know typically who the buyers are. Amazon also only ships perfect bound books, not the easy cross-reference coil-bound books that are shipped from this website. For reviews on Amazon, See:

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